You can submit your modification request to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) in one of the three following ways:  (ARC Request PDF at bottom of this page)

Mail to:

Apalachee Heritage HOA CMA 

c/o  Community Management Associates 

1465 Northside Drive Ste 128 

Atlanta, GA 30318  404-835-9100  

​- or -  

Scan and email to:  

- or - 

You may complete & submit the online form on the CMA web site by following these steps:

1) log onto your CMA account (if you don't have an existing CMA online account you can easily create one) 

2) select "Modification Request" 

3) select "New ACC Request" 

4) fill out the ACC form, attach supporting documentation & click submit ​

ARC Design Standards (pdf)


ARC Request Form (pdf)